The Road to ClipMenu 1.0

ClipMenu is back after a long absence. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time.

ClipMenu has been rewritten from scratch in Apple's new Swift language. So it is suitable for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and 10.9 Mavericks.

Almost all of 0.4.4's features will be included in the future releases, but some features may not be implemented in 1.0 release.

Features will be included in 1.0:

  • Clipboard History
  • Snippets
  • Search words in history

Features may not be included in 1.0:

  • Actions
  • cloud sync

Alpha Testing

I am planning to alpha-test ClipMenu next month. You could see its announcement at this blog or Twitter account. If you interested in it, please keep watching them.


ClipMenu 1.0 will be paid or freemium software at Apple's Mac App Store. If you are a donor you will receive a promo code to download it for free of charge.

Free trial version will be also available. However due to Apple's restrictions some features like iCloud sync would not be included in releases distributed outside of Mac App Store.


Thank you for all of you who support ClipMenu until now.

As always, any and all feedback is welcome.

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Many thanks to people who helped us to develop ClipMenu!

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"Excellent. This is the best clipboard history tool I've seen so far." by mfichtner at iusethis

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