This version of ClipMenu is still under development. If you don't need to use additional features for this release, you should use stable version.

If you run into any issues using ClipMenu, please let me know.

Download ClipMenu 0.4.4a12

Last updated: May 13, 2010 (JST)


  • 0.4.4a12:

    • New toolbar icons, in the Snippet Editor window, created by Suphi Aksoy.
    • Change to save the Snippet Editor's toolbar configuration.
  • 0.4.4a11:

    • Change the Snippet Editor window's layout.
  • 0.4.4a10:

    • Add a new status bar icon made by Suphi Aksoy.
  • 0.4.4a9:

    • Resolve an issue that occurs after pasting an item from ClipMenu on Mac OS X 10.6.3.
  • 0.4.4a8:

    • Resolve an issue that caused improper keystroke simulation with Dvorak keyboard layout.
  • 0.4.4a7:

    • Change how to set 'byWord' value of string attributes.
    • Disable checking Login Items when the preference panel is opened to avoid crash.
  • 0.4.4a6:

    • Use Launch Services to add ClipMenu to Login Items.
    • Add checking whether Login Items contain ClipMenu or not when the preference panel is opened.
    • Fix a bug that the shortcut recorder for History Menu doesn't work correctly.
  • 0.4.4a5:

    • Add modifiable string attributes.
    • Accept HTML color names to set string attributes.
  • 0.4.4a4:

    • Decrease memory usage of history item for RTFD.
  • 0.4.4a3:

    • Add JavaScript methods to change string attributes for custom action.
  • 0.4.4a2:

    • Make the window of snippet editor independent.
  • 0.4.4a1:

    • Add "History Menu" to show only clipboard history items. The shortcut is Command-Control-V.


Many thanks to people who helped us to develop ClipMenu!

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"Excellent. This is the best clipboard history tool I've seen so far." by mfichtner at iusethis

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